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Good cooperation has been customary in the Icelandic geothermal sector for years. Enclosed federations and asssociations are active within our inititative:

SA - Confederation of Icelandic Employers 


SA projects include negotiations of collective agreements with unions on wages and working conditions, the advocation of an internationally competitive legal and regulatory environment, and the interpretation and communication of decisions by governmental authorities that directly affect the business environment.



The Federation of Icelandic Industries looks after the interests of industry in every way and in close co-operation with the individual enterprise. The work is based on strategic work done by nine occupational work groups and over twenty organisations. The service available to members is on one hand individual to the enterprize or occupational work group and on the other general in such matters as quality, education, marketing and public relations.



GEORG is the research driven part of the icelandic geothermal cluster  . The management team of Iceland Geothermal and GEORG are maintaining and increasing a good coopeartion and communication to maximize the added value of the projects organized by the invidual platforms and to minimise duplications of efforts.

Enclosed image show how the Iceland Geothermal Cluster initative and GEORG are interacting together :