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Good cooperation has been customary in the Icelandic geothermal sector for years. Enclosed federations and associations are supporting the Iceland Geothermal Cluster and are a valuable part of our initiative.


SA projects include negotiations of collective agreements with unions on wages and working conditions, the advocation of an internationally competitive legal and regulatory environment, and the interpretation and communication of decisions by governmental authorities that directly affect the business environment.


The Federation of Icelandic Industries looks after the interests of industry in every way and in close co-operation with the individual enterprise. The work is based on strategic work done by nine occupational work groups and over twenty organisations. The service available to members is on one hand individual to the enterprize or occupational work group and on the other general in such matters as quality, education, marketing and public relations.


Samorka is a federation of the Icelandic electricity industry, district heatings, waterworks and sewage utilities in Iceland. The federation was founded in 1995 when the Federation of Icelandic Electric-works and the Federation of Icelandic District Heatings and Waterworks merged. All district heating services and electric-works in the country are members of this federation, in addition to most waterworks and sewage utilities. Samorka operates in the four fields mentioned above.

Among the purposes and tasks of the federation are forwarding the mutual interests of its members, guarding their interests in mutual projects, fostering research and gathering information for its members as well as for public authorities, hosting seminars and conferences and acting on behalf of the members in mutual projects.

The Geothermal Association of Iceland (GAI) was established on the 19th of May 2000 and now counts over 200 members. The membership includes in all around 24 firms, institutions and associations, which are active in or associated with geothermal energy matters. GAI is highly incentive driven and active in pursuing its objectives to:

  • Make internationally known the ability and experience of Icelandic geothermal workers and entities.
  • Organise seminars / conferences relating to issues of importance to sustained geothermal development.
  • Reinforce and strengthen cooperation between individuals in the various sectors of finance, trade and industry engaged in geothermal issues.
  • Cooperate actively in International Geothermal Associations and projects.