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Equipment & maintainance

Production in Iceland of machinery and equipment associated with the utilizations of geothermal energy have been growing for last decade. Increasing trend of improvements in geothermal equipment. Design and manufacturing of improved spare parts and increasing development of processes in operation and maintenance. Growing demand has been for the innovations and solutions developed in Iceland.


The Icelandic company Deilir specializes in services for geothermal power plants. Our experts have over thirty big projects under the belt and thousands of smaller service tasks completed.

Our main activity are service and repairs of geothermal power plants, with strong focus on steam turbines. Our experts consult power plants in regards to their rotor overhauls, equipment assessments and spare part supply. Our team specializes in turbine rotor repairs and related equipment such as vacuum & well pumps, condensers, cooling towers and associated equipment.

We offer our outstanding services, repairs, monitoring and maintenance to geothermal power plants. 


DMM Lausnir (DMM Solutions) is the vendor of DMM, an Asset and Maintenance Management Sofware System for physical assets. DMM is used by all the main power companies in Iceland, including ALL the geothermal power plants. In the light of that, DMM is a proven asset and maintenance management software solution for the geothermal industry based on the Icelandic experience. DMM is dynamic and flexible and can be adjusted and implemented quickly for a new client.

The history of Stalsmidjan ehf. extends back to the year 1933. Ship repairs and conversions have always been the mainstream of the company's operations. The first steel boat to be built in Iceland was built by Stalsmidjan in 1955, a tugboat with 1000 hp main engine, for the Reykjavík Harbour Authorities. In 1962 Stalsmidjan also built the first Icelandic steel fishing boat.

There is a long ship building tradition in the company, which has constructed and modified a total of 36 steel vessels, up to 68 meters in length. Stalsmidjan operates its own slipway in Reykjavík Harbour and a carpenter’s workshop, specialized in ship works and renovations of older woodwork. Stalsmidjan has wide experience in new buildings, improvements and maintenance work both for hydro electric power stations and steam turbine stations as well as in energy distribution systems.


GEG was founded in early 2008 and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway with its engineering and technical team based in Reykjavik, Iceland. The highly experienced executive team of GEG has assembled a dedicated team commanding a wealth of experience on design, engineering, project management and operation of geothermal plants and is supported by a Board of Directors drawn from both investment banking and the engineering sector.  


Vélaverkstæði Hjalta Einarssonar ehf. (VHE) was established by Hjalti Einarsson in 1971. Initially, the focus was on the maintenance of diesel engines together with miscellaneous fabrication and maintenance. Today, forty years later, VHE is a strong company with a broad yet complimentary range of industrial goods and services. VHE‘s goal is to provide to its customers reliable and high quality services in the fields of machinery fabrication, maintenance and service. VHE now has the capability to provide total solutions for many industrial applications – analysis, conceptualisation,  engineering design, fabrication, automation including software.


Vélvík was established in 1988 and is one of the best equipped companies in Iceland in the field of precision machining. Our staff consists of professionals with decades combined in experience.

Professional precision for 25 years At Vélvík, the skill of the craftsman meets state-of-the-art technology. Whatever you can think of, we can make.