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The role of the government in the activites of the geothermal cluster is important. IT creates a certain working environment for the cluster by formulating policies on energy, environment and employment. The ministry of Industry is supporting several defined projects organized by the inititative and enclosed municipalaties are active member of it.


The Ministry of Industries and Innovation (MII) covers all sectors of ordinary business and economic activity.  It opened on 1 September 2012 following the amalgamation of the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

With the establishment of the new ministry, state supervision and involvement in industry and innovation are brought together and coordinated in one place, the aim being to pave the way for a vigorous and forward-looking economy.




Reykjanesbær municipality was created through the merger of Keflavík, Njarðvík and Hafnir on 11 June 1994. Reykjanesbær is the fifth largest municipality in Iceland covering an area of over 144 square kilometers (km²). You can find various statistical data on the Gagnatorg Reykjanesbæjar website, see:

Reykjanesbær has a five member town council and an eleven member municipal administration which is composed of politically elected representatives. The mayor is the chief executive officer of the community.