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Innovation center of iceland


Innovation Center Iceland encourages innovation and promotes the advancement of new ideas in Icelandic economy by providing active participation and support to entrepreneurs and businesses. Innovation is a prerequisite for diversity in the Icelandic economy and the basis of a strong competitive position of the economy.

Klak Innovit




Kadeco was founded by the Icelandic government in 2006 when Nato left its navy base in Iceland and is responsible for the transformation project. It is wholly owned today by the Icelandic Ministry of Finance and overseas sales and leasing of government owned property at the Ásbrú enterprise park. Kadeco is also responsible for the marketing and brand development of the Ásbrú Enterprise Park concept. Kadeco is has worked on several foreign direct investment project coming to the Reykjanes peninsula and continues to attract new fdi to the Ásbrú area. Kadeco also has extensive experience in large scale transformation projects such as Ásbrú where over 2 million square feet of property is being re-developed.


The Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS) supports research, research studies, technical development and innovation in Iceland. RANNIS cooperates closely with the Icelandic Science and Technology Policy Council and provides professional assistance the preparation and implementation of science and technology policy in Iceland. RANNIS administers competitive funds and strategic research programmes, coordinates and promotes Icelandic participation in collaborative international projects in science and technology, monitors resources and performance in R&D and promotes public awareness of research and innovation in Iceland.