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8. jún. 2015

Paris Geothermal Boom

Iceland Geothermal is activity pushing for more development of district heating.

25. maí 2015

Fjölþætt nýting jarðvarma á Reykjanesskaga

HS Orka og Bláa Lónið boða til fundar í Hörpu fimmtudaginn 28.maí nk þar sem farið verður yfir fjölþætta nýtingu jarðvarma á Reykjanesskaga

15. maí 2015

365 becomes a Media Partner of IGC2016

We are proud to announce the media company 365 is now  Media Partner of  our event Iceland Geothermal Conference - IGC 2016.  365 Media and Telecom is a progressive media and teleco...

24. apr. 2015

Heimsþing jarðhitans á Íslandi 2020

HEIMSÞING JARÐHITANS Á ÍSLANDI 2020   Dagana 20. til  25. apríl 2015 var haldin „World Geothermal Congress 2015“ eða Heimsþing jar&...

22. apr. 2015

Iceland Geothermal at WGC 2015 in Melbourne

Iceland at the World Geothermal Congress 2015 Iceland receives warm welcome and is praised for its extensive work on international geothermal development, research and education at the World Geothermal Congress 2015, Melbourne Australia About 1600 participants are attending the WGC2015 this year

20. apr. 2015

Geothermal power in Iceland steams ahead

Landsvirkjun, the power company of Iceland, announced on Monday the start of construction of the Theistareykir geothermal power plant’s 45MW phase I.

16. feb. 2015

The Economist: Geothermal power sheds its hot-spring roots

GEOTHERMAL energy, long a poor relation among the more glamorous renewable technologies of wind and solar power, is poised to smarten its dowdy image. Piping-hot underground water and steam, percola...

16. feb. 2015

The New York Times: Turning Carbon Dioxide Into Rock, and Burying It

HENGILL, Iceland — In a cramped work trailer not far from Iceland’s largest geothermal power plant, a researcher pored over a box of core samples — cylinders of rock that a drillin...

11. feb. 2015

Turning Carbon Dioxide Into Rock, and Burying It

Interesting story in New York Times about a pilot program at Iceland’s Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Station in  seeks to tackle climate change by injecting greenhouse gasses int...

9. feb. 2015

Landsbankinn becomes a member of the Iceland Geothermal and sponsoring IGC2016

We are proud to share with you that Landsbankinn, the new member of Iceland Geothermal, is one of the sponsors of Iceland Geothermal Conference IGC 2016. Landsbankinn is a leading Icelandic fin...