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23. sep. 2014

Mannvit Becomes a Sponsor of IGC2016

Today Mannvit signed its contract and became one of the leading sponsor of the IGC 2016. Enclosed pictures shows the manger of the IGC 2016 and the CEO of Mannvit handshaken the aggreement. Mann...

22. sep. 2014

Arion banki one of the key sponsor of IGC 2016

Arion banki has signed the contract to be one of the key sponsor of the 3rd Iceland Geothermal Conference 2016 - IGC 2016. Arionbanki is a leading Icelandic bank offering universal financialser...

12. sep. 2014

Reykjavik Geothermal one of the KEY sponsor of IGC 2016

Reykjavik Geothermal is one of the Key Sponsor of IGC 2016

30. ágú. 2014

Reykjavik Energy the first to become a key sponsor of IGC 2016

Reykjavik Energy is the first supporter as Key sponsor to sign its contract with IGC 2016. Reykjavik Energy is a public utility company providing electricity, geothermal water for heating, and ...

17. júl. 2014

HS Orka the first sponsor to sign an agreement for IGC 2016

The preperation for IGC2016 is already started and the firest sponsor already signed the agreement.

15. júl. 2014

Iceland Geothermal Newsletter - July 2014

Iceland Geothermal newsletter was published for the first time in English to day. This is in line with the aim of the cluster to become more visible globally. The newsletter can be seen by clicki...

20. maí 2014

Iceland Geothermal - Annual Report 2013

Our Annual Report 2013 is now available online. Click image here below to download document. If you have any comments or questions regarding the report please contact us at icelandgeothermal@ic...

4. maí 2014


The general assembly of Iceland Geothermal will be in Kaldalon in Harpa on Wednesday 7th of May from 1500-1700.  Agenda 1   Election of meeting chairman and meeting secretary 2 &n...

9. apr. 2014

Cluster member wins 2014 New Energy Pioneer Award

Green Energy Group recognized among companies from around the world as leader driving change in the energy system New York, April 8— Last night, Norwegian-Icelandic Green Energy Group, a pro...

5. mar. 2014

Morning session - 12. March

Opinn fundur um IDDP verkefnið 12. mars. Í kjölfar birtingar á niðurstöðum rannsókna tengdum Íslenska Djúpborunarverkefninu í t&iacu...